September 25th, 2009


A moment of folly, a lifetime of regret.

Today didn't start out well in the least bit. In fact, my entire day was ruined.

I'm in such low spirits now.
I'd never realise that one little mistake I made, would lead to such a huge consequence.
For those who know what happened, I'd appreciate it if you didn't spread it around. I'm sure the others involved would appreciate it too.

He told me so clearly, "When this kind of things happen, we'll look at your past records. But your past records aren't so pretty. You've lied to us and hidden the truth from us so many times. How do you expect us to believe you like that?"

I kind of gave up all hope when he said that. I even felt my heart drop. And I even shed tears in front of him.

It's true that I've gotten in trouble with the school authorities before, even with the police once. But yet, this tiny mistake that I made, crushed me more than anything I've done.

It's just so... disheartening.

Alas, the verdict isn't out yet. But I know it won't be pretty.

For now, I can only hope for the best. 'Cause I don't wanna get the death sentence.
I'll pray for that glimmer of hope.
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