September 26th, 2009


Xinying & Junwang's 'birthday celebration'.

Met up with Desmond, Songwei, Benjamin, Zhiwei, Jinghan and Benedict at Bukit Batok's CSC before heading over to Home Team NS to meet the rest.

In the enddddd, so many guys were over there lor.
Desmond, Songwei, Benjamin, Zhiwei, Jinghan, Benedict, Renjie, Junwang, Shannon and Neil.
Xinying and I were the only girls :/

Played bowling, and apparently I suck and Desmond was damn pro at it! Owned all of us!


The birthday couplepair!

The guys went to meet Binxiu and went to Botak Jones for dinner.
While Xinying and I went home. Because I kind of felt awkward with all the guys :/

Kind of weird 'cause went out with most of them the first time today!