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Restoration seven fold.

Sep. 27th, 2009 | 08:49 pm
mood: thankfulthankful

Met up with Jerry and Deborah for lunch before heading to church.
Even though we were kind of supposed to wait for Shawn and Jim?

Deborah: I remember Nicole used to be very hyper. But now it seems like she has toned down a lot.
Jerry: Nah. She's just more hyper at night.

Service was okay today.
There was one part of the service where Pastor Prince said, "The Lord's annointing is here. No matter what pain or sickness you came in with, it'll be gone after this annointing."
And it was true! I went in with very bad cramps, but they were gone instantaneously! The power of God.

Oh and all throughout the service, Deborah and Jerry were supposed to spot Shawn and Jim. Which they only managed to find after the service had ended. ROFL.

The only picture I managed to get through the entire service. Because after I snapped this picture, I was tapped on the shoulder by one of the ushers who said, "Sorry Miss, no photography allowed."


After service, Deborah's parents gave us a lift to Kallang MRT station.

And 11 of us squeezed into the car!! No kidding.

That Jerry and Jim. They're damn gay I swear.

Um. Deborah and her... muscle man. Yeappp.

Jim: -to Jerry- Are the both of you attached? (referring to Jerry and I)
Jerry: Hahah yeah can't you tell?
Nicole: ROFL.

Everything will be okay, for it will be restored, much better than what I've loss.

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