November 1st, 2009


I'll be okay, I'll be fine.

November 1st.

It's now the start of a new month, will everything finally go smoothly for me?

October hasn't been an easy month for me. Exams, results, friends, family... Sometimes I wonder if it's all too much for me to handle. But no, I guess not.

My results are atrocious. I hardly dared to look at it when I got it back, and I'd only shown it to a couple of people whom I know I can trust, and whom I know wouldn't judge or jeer at me. One of the few friends that I still have.

During the whole month of October, I've distanced myself away from some people. Because I've come to realised that they're just 'hanging out' type of friends, and not 'heart-to-heart' type of friends. And I guess, sometimes I just feel so... left out.

But now, a new month will bring about a new start. And even though it's only 2 months left till the end of the year, I want to make the best out of it.

Besides, God will be there for me. And I know that He has a great plan for me.
Okay it's pretty late now and I've gotta go to sleep, heading to the house of God in the morning! (or rather, afternoon)

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