November 2nd, 2009


I'm in love with a fairytale.

We used to be like that, but where do we stand now?


I'm not looking forward to tomorrow, I'm not ready for my Chemistry SPA at all. I don't even know where I've left my SPA file. Yeap, that's how screwed I am.

However, I'm gonna go watch Michael Jackson's This Is It with my mum and a few of her colleagues tomorrow. Not exactly looking forward 'cause I'm not really a Michael Jackson fan.
Oh heck, I'm just gonna watch it 'cause I've never watched any of his concerts before. Yeah that's right, go ahead sue me.

Other than those mentioned above, I also have to say that extended curriculum officially starts tomorrow. For two weeks. What shit.
And my extended curriculum actually ends on November 13, Friday the 13th! (Jim says I'm gonna be cursed for life.)


Oh speaking of which, I guess I'm gonna be rather packed this holiday. With my CCA stuff going on, and getting involved in SYFC with Qiuying.

A ton of events coming up and I can't wait for it! :)

But I only wish you were right beside me.
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