November 8th, 2009


Our God is an awesome God.

Today, I managed to get Jasmine to go to church with me. And I've to say that it was pretty good. She was saved by God :) Bless her. On top of that, it was her first day, and she has tried speaking in tongue, pretty bold I might say. Last time I was always afraid that I wouldn't do it right, but it's fine now :)

Oh and I finally met Yvelyn, and I think her haircut is super boomz.

This week's sermon was really good.

Usually, we'd ask, 'Why do good people suffer?'
However, Pastor Prince asked, 'Why do sinners get blessed?'

God is awesome, because He is righteous.

P/S: Jer didn't come for church today, I hope he makes it next week!

P/S/S: Yesterday, Debs and I met up at Kallang for DARE. And I think all the DARE people are great, and DG Apple seems like a lot of fun :) Too bad Debs will be in DG Arrow D so she won't be in the same group as me :(
It's okay, I'll make new friends! :D
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