November 10th, 2009


And it'll get better in time.

7 November 2009, Saturday

Met up with Val to go look for the SMUves people doing their CIP. We were wandering around like some idiots, but at least we managed to find some of them!

Met up with Debs at Kallang after that for DARE while Val went to Tiong Bahru.

Okay as I've said, DARE was great, and I can't wait for it this week :) Accompanied Debs to Far East to get her shoes, and I got my shades. Shopping with her is damn tiring okay, not even kidding. HAHAHAHAH XD

And after she finally got her shoes, I introduced her to this ice shop, Slice.

Very nice okay!

It's located at #01-20 of Far East Plaza if any of you are interested :)

10 November 2009, Tuesday

Today was the Mother Tongue 'O' level paper. I've no idea why so many people said it was easy because personally, I THINK IT WAS DAMN DIFFICULT AND I SCREWED IT UP.

Okay relax Nicole, relax.

After the paper, Jasmine, Cindy and I headed to Clementi to do our eyebrows. Jasmine and Cindy were so reluctant to do threading but they had no choice 'cause the shop they wanted to go to was closed! HAHAHAHAHAHAH! God's will.
Okay so after doing my eyebrows, I went home because Jasmine and Cindy were lazy as arse to eat lunch with me.

So I had lunch with my sis and two of her friends instead, at Pepper Lunch. They were damn funny and kept doing stupid things. (FYI, my sis is three years younger than me, so it was a little weird.) Headed to Daiso after that! Apparently that's their favourite hangout place. And I just spammed and bought quite a lot of tidbits, IMO.

Okay I've problems with posting the pictures so wtheck, live with it. :)
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