November 14th, 2009


DARE A.pple,

DARE was great today, it was so high and everyone was really hyped up! ;D

Okay even though at first it was kind of awkward for me, Debs and Jer because we didn't really know anyone.
But I guess we warmed up to our DGs after that.

By the way, Debs is in Arrow D while Jerr and I are in A.pple :)

After service, we went with our DGs for dinner at the Green Patch. Pretty cool I might say! :) :)
We did some sharing and just casual talking, and I found out that my DG was actually very very funny! I was laughing all the while and I'd just burst out laughing for no reason!

Soooo... yeap.
I can't wait for the next DG session but I won't be able to make it next Saturday!
Arghh.. due to West Division Day, how awesome o.o

Ahhh heck.
Church tomorrow! :)
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