November 16th, 2009


Decisions smicisions...

Today during church, I saw beanie guy! :)
Let's just say I was ultimatically* happy! Okay he's this guy... my new eye candy. Sweeeeet :)

Deborah and Jasmine both admitted that he's hot + cute as well kay! Plus he can play the guitar and he can sing and he's just very cute lah!
HAHAHAHAHAH okay stop it Nicole! XD

Oh and somehow I've got so many things clashed on the 21 November.
- 6D class gathering.
- West Divison Day.

I've no idea which to go for...

- I want to go for DARE to hear more about the word of God and to be blessed, plus I want to worship Him and be filled with His love for me.
- But then again, I want to go for the class gathering and see all my old friends because I haven't seen them in ages and I just miss them.
- However, I know that I'm supposed to go for West Division Day because I've a commitment towards my CCA, no matter how much I'm unwilling to go.

So how...? :(

For at least one second, our eyes locked. And I hope you noticed :)

*No such word.
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