November 25th, 2009



Yes people, I'm back from camp.

LOL, I think I'm making it sound like I've been gone for very long when it's only 3 days!

Alright, what I think about the camp:

I think that this camp was really meaningful, especially for my patrol. On regular CCA sessions, we wouldn't have been able to bond together as much as we have within these 3 days. My patrol is one of the more introverted patrol, and they don't talk much or get themselves involved much. However after this camp, it is noticable that they've been trying and that there is a visible improvement.

I've had regular talks/debriefs with them, and I hope that they'll remember what I've told them. Everybody has the potential to do something, to lead. It just depends on whether they've decided to take the first step and try. And also, that they've to give everything they do their best shot, before it's too late.

At the start of the camp, every patrol's aim for the camp was to bond. I've to admit that at first, I didn't think it was possible. But on the last day of camp, I've seen each patrol evolve to something so much more than a patrol, but rather a family.

After this camp, I've realised my purpose. I've realised why God put me in this patrol. He wanted me to help these people to open up, to discover their potential. And when He put someone that I initially disliked in my patrol, He allowed me to learn the meaning of acceptance, that I should accept everyone for who they are, regardless of race, language, or religion.

I used to complain and doubt my purpose when I first took charge of this patrol. But now, I've realised that everyone is just misunderstood. When you really take the time to get to know them, you'd realise how nice and wonderful they actually are.
It just takes some effort and some time.

I'd like to thank the ex-cos and teachers for planning this camp and making it possible. If this camp hadn't happened, the bonding between each patrol wouldn't have happened either.
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